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How Is Micro Aid Helpful In Keeping Up With Hand Hygiene?

Micro Aid

Remember the famous Lifebuoy commercial-

“Bunty Tera Sabun Slow Hai Kya?”

This particular tagline revolutionized the concept of handwashing in India.

But, that’s in the past completely. The country is moving towards a new concept in terms of hand hygiene.

“Hand Rub or Sanitizer”

That’s where Micro Aid comes to the rescue.

But, before diving deep into the subject of hand sanitizers, here are some pointers to understanding the importance of hand hygiene. And why using sanitizers is a good idea.

This powerful Johnson and Johnson Purell Sanitizer Ad illustrated the fact that using a hand sanitizer is like wearing a glove that will help to protect your hands.


More than 3 million kids worldwide less than 5 years of age die of diarrhea and acute lower RTI. Especially with the rise in the daycare facilities or among preschool toddlers.

And hand is the primary source for transmission of any kind of infectious disease. So, that makes hand hygiene one of the essential mediums for controlling infection.

About Hand Hygiene

This is probably the most effective way to avoid spreading any microorganisms. Regular hand hygiene decreases infection spreading across one another.

Even the World Health Organization understood the importance of hand hygiene. And this compelled them to introduce the campaign “Clean Care is Safer Care” in 2005.

This initiative spread like a fire and more than 100 countries pledged to improve hand hygiene as a part of healthcare-associated infection prevention program.

WHO again launched a campaign in 2009 – SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hand initiative. Here they highlighted the importance of hand hygiene and requested to implement certain guidelines.

Micro Aid just does the same.

The Concept of Hand Sanitizing

Washing hands is definitely the best way to get past the horrors of harmful germs and the diseases they cause.

But, with water deficiency almost everywhere makes it not a good choice to defend yourself on the technique or alternative that might not be available everywhere.

Hand sanitizing, on the other hand, makes it a feasible option to look for.

Even the studies confirm that sanitizers with more than 60% of alcohol are completely effective in terms of killing germs.

Why Choose Micro Aid As An Alternative Option For Managing Hand Hygiene?

 Features of Micro Aid

  • Instantly knocks down microbes or disease-causing infections.
  • Has potent bactericidal action with bacteriostatic property
  • Persistent activity
  • Inhibits growth –6hrs
  • Skin-friendly formulation

Benefits of Micro-Aid Instant Hand Sanitizer:
Decrease The Chances of Developing Any infection on the Hand

  • This type of hand sanitizer is a liquid that aids in decreasing infectious agents on the hands.
  • Other than that it helps to reduce bacterial counts on hands.

Saves Time

Micro Aid is a type of hand sanitizer that is convenient, easily accessible and time-saving. Just put the solution on your hand, rub it and you are practically good to go.

Quick or Instant Mode of Action

Hand rubs or sanitizers come with the advantage of potent efficacy almost instantly. Better tolerated than hand washing soaps and water.

Micro Aid hand rub is one of the most effective ways to keep up with hand hygiene as directed by the CDC and WHO for minimizing the effects of harmful microorganisms in children or adults alike.

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