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Micro Aid – Instant Hand Rub

Micro Aid Instant Hand Rub

Health is not about the weight you lost, it’s about the life you gained because a healthy lifestyle is the way of life that helps us live a healthy life. Therefore, it is very important to maintain cleanliness and keep the surrounding surfaces clean.

Did you know that?

Micro Aid hand rub is 50 per cent ethanol, which kills the germs that come in contact with it almost 100 per cent. It seeks to destroy the bacterial cell membranes, which grow due to the lipids and proteins present on the frozen layer around our hands.

However, most hand rubs are alcohol and antibiotic based which eradicate the presence of bacteria by their chemical property to cut bacteria.

Micro Aid hand rub is a liquid commonly used to reduce infectious agents on the hands and reduce bacterial counts on hands. It is generally more effective at killing microorganisms and is better tolerated with soap and water. This is an effective way to kill germs in your hands.

Check out the benefits of using Micro Aid Hand Rub are:

  • Micro Aid hand rubs are convenient, portable, easy to use & not time consuming.
  • Micro Aid hand rub reduces bacterial counts on hands.
  • It can also be used to reduce itchy bug bites.
  • It also helps to reduce the inflammation in pimples.
  • It can be used as an infection control strategy in various hospitals.

Life Hacks of Using a Hand Sanitizer:

  • It is easy to use and has made it efficient for all people.
  • It has the ability to kill 99 per cent of germs.
  • According to research, people who are suffering from gastrointestinal problems such as stomach problems and respiratory diseases have reduced their chances of experiencing a serious problem after its use.
  • It prevents protein mutation to happen from the core ground level, due to the cutting property.

Apart from this, the best evidence in favour of Micro Aid hand rub is the skin damage from hand washing required to match the hand sanitizer’s repeated germ-fighting efficiency.

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