Adurin Lotion

Salicylic Acid I.P. 7.31% w/v
Benzoic Acid I.P. 2.44% w/v
Alcohol 78-82% v/v


Benefits of Adurin Lotion:

  1. Treats Ringworm:
  • Adurin Lotion treats a fungal infection of the skin. The infection may affect the skin of the scalp, feet, groin, beard, or other areas.

Treats Ringworm

  1. Treats Itches:
  • Adurin Lotion treats Itchy skin is an irritating and uncontrollable sensation that makes you want to scratch to relieve the feeling.
Treats Itches
  1. Treats Scabies:
  • Adurin Lotion treats Scabies is a disease characterized by severe itchy skin and a reddish rash that is contagious from person to person.
Treats Scabies
  1. Treats Eczema:
  • Adurin Lotion treats eczema is a reaction pattern that the skin produces in a number of diseases. It begins as red, raised tiny blisters containing a clear fluid atop red, elevated plaques.
Treats Eczema
  1. Treats Fungal Infection between fingers & toes:
  • Adurin Lotion treats Athlete’s foot, also called tinea pedis, is a fungal infection of the foot.
Treats fungal infection
  1. Treats Rashes:
  • Adurin Lotion also treats rashes of the skin.
Treats Rashes
  1. Treats Skin allergy:
  • Adurin Lotion treats Skin allergy like redness and swelling of the skin.
skin allergy