Defung Ointment

15 gm 400 gm
Benzoic Acid IP 6%w/w
Salicylic Acid IP 3%w/w
Ointment Base qs

Defung Ointment:

  1. Prevent infection:
  • Defung ointment is helps to prevent infection caused by bacteria. It helps to treat the dead skin cells like warts, corns, psoriasis & chronic dermatitis.
Prevents warts Corns Psoriasis
  1. Treats skin irritations:
  • Defung ointment is used to treat skin irritation and inflammation caused by burns, insect bites, fungal infections or eczema.
Treats Ringworm Eczema
  1. For Dryness & Itching in heels: 
  • The appearance of flaky and peeling skin is one of the first signs of cracks on the heels. The dryness and flakiness may be worse in certain parts of your heel. You may also experience severe itching around the rim of your heel. So use Defung ointment for removing all heel problems.
For dryness on heel