75 gm 400 gm
Dried Magnesium Sulphate IP’66 64%w/w
Pheneol IP 0.5%w/w
Glycerin IP q.s.

Benefits of MAG-SULF Ointment:

  1. Treats skin infections:
  • Mag-Sulf Ointment is a bactericidal, fungicidal antiseptic useful for the treatment of common skin infections such as infected nails, tinea, and prevention of infection in minor burns, minor wounds, cuts, grazes, blisters and abrasions.
Minor burns Minor wounds Cuts
Grazes Blisters Abrasion
  1. Kills sensitive organisms:
  • Mag-Sulf ointment is effective that kills sensitive organisms like protozoa, virus, molds, yeast and spores present on the skin.
  1. Mag-Sulf Ointment also treats insect bites, athlete’s foot and ringworm.
Insect bites Athlete’s foot Ringworm

Others benefits of Mag-Sulf ointment:

  1. Treating inflammation and acne
  2. providing relief from pain
  3. Bloating
  4. Seborrhoeic dermatitis